Putting Breast Cancer Out of Work Training Materials

ChemHAT icon with pink ribbonPutting Breast Cancer Out of Work is a new BlueGreen Alliance project to prevent breast cancer and other chronic diseases by promoting safer alternatives to the current use of dangerous chemicals.

The new program is developing an interactive curriculum that explains the role of chemicals in breast cancer and other chronic diseases, the need for new policies that regulate chemical use, examples of what cities, states and leading companies are doing while we work for new federal protections and how workers and their employers can join the do-it-yourself safer chemicals effort. The curriculum will be designed as both a 90-minute and a 3-hour class to be taught by worker trainers of BGA union partners with substantial memberships in automotive plastics and food packaging. 

  • Putting Breast Cancer Out of Work Presentation (PPTX or PDF)
  • Putting Breast Cancer Out of Work Reading Materials (DOCX or PDF

We’re also putting together a new set of tools and resources to enhance and provide follow up materials for these trainings including ChemHAT with the addition of a new breast cancer icon, fact sheets on the incidence of breast cancer and other chronic diseases, summaries and links to new studies and reports including pull out tables, examples of safer substitutes, and health survey templates.

The Breast Cancer Fund’s State of the Evidence is a comprehensive report on the connection between breast cancer and the environment, including the work environment: http://www.breastcancerfund.org/media/publications/state-of-the-evidence/

State of the Evidence's section on chemicals linked to breast cancer can be found here: http://www.breastcancerfund.org/clear-science/chemicals-glossary